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If you download the MP3, be sure to rename it to "J.C. - Techno Mix - Live on An Epiphany Of Sound (KZSU) - 2009-12-10.mp3"

Techno Mix (recorded live at KZSU Radio on Dec. 10, 2009 using the studio mixing board and a set of Marantz PMD340 CD players

Kobbe & Natalino Nunes feat. Mar-CDestinationDestination
Land Of Voodoo Recordings
Mooy, BasKaisenAudio Assault
Bazooka Circus EP
El FaroukiAsk HerFuton
3rd Wave Music
v1nzFault Lines[COLL]: - Structures - Volume Two
Naked Lunch
UmekYou Might Hear NothingYou Might Hear Nothing
Dataworx Digital
Loudon KleerRecreated[COLL]: - Structures - Volume Two
Naked Lunch
Xpansul & ImekLa SaludEl Bienestar
Malville, VincentDistortion Nocturne[COLL]: - Structures - Volume Two
Naked Lunch
Giuliani, Andrea & Rosetti, LucaPow TenzPow Tenz EP
CaveYAWS (Eric Sneo Remix)Creations Remixed 2002 - 2007 Part 2
PopofE DoserHigh & Down EP
Form Music
El FaroukiEvil ClownFuton
3rd Wave Music
Nappi, Costantino & DJ Micky Da FunkBest DishBest Dish
Italo Business
The InspectorShark'N'Glide[COLL]: - Structures - Volume Two
Naked Lunch
DJ FielMinoMino's EP
ZahnFailed Attempt[COLL]: - Edensonic Compilation
Roman, AlejandroFeel My Energy[COLL]: - Subcult 27 EP
Sub Cult
Strial & TionebT1 Versus Edit[COLL]: - Edensonic Compilation
Dynasty, ChrisBass Walker[COLL]: - Subcult 27 EP
Sub Cult
Atesh K.The Walls Of Nicosia[COLL]: - Edensonic Compilation
Miche & MirzinhoFish[COLL]: - Sub Cult EP 1
Sub Cult
TionebNova Bossa[COLL]: - Edensonic Compilation
Dynasty, ChrisDeep Compound[COLL]: - Subcult 26 EP
Sub Cult
DynoTribe WavesTribe Waves
Paul MezcolanzaBecause You LeftBecause You Left
Xpansul & ImekEl BienstarEl Bienestar
ReakyOptimal Penetration (Nicholas Bennison Remix)Penetration Remixation Vol.1
Penetration Nation
PopofShadesHigh & Down EP
Form Music
DJ BalyPrmiri Migaj005
Digital Distort
Ascion & D. CarboneShavedShaved
Spectrum Recordings
Digital Distort
DJ FielCome HereMino's EP
PopofHigh & DownHigh & Down EP
Form Music
Minor Dott and MinimoMonotonikTelephonik EP
Anderson, TomasMinimal MamaMinimal Mama
BPitch Contol


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