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Can't Find My Way Home : America in the Great Stoned Age, 1945-2000 chronicles the irrepressible onslaught of mind-altering substances from the end of World War II through the close of the century. Buy it at Amazon.

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Here are some of the mixes that I've recorded over the past few years. Since I haven't migrated to the Final Scratch/Ms. Pinky/Serato Scratch technology, all have been recorded from vinyl (and possibly CD) sources. Also, if there's been any mastering at all it's been via normalization. If you'd like a better recording, contact me and I'll drop you a promotional CD in the mail.


Please note that none of these mixes are for commercial use and are for promotional use only.


Downtempo Mix with 4Matt (recorded Live at Stilldream 6): Download or Stream here

Techno Mix (recorded live at KZSU Radio on Dec. 10, 2009 using the studio mixing board and a set of Marantz PMD340 CD players: Download or Stream here

Progressive Trance Mix (recorded live at KZSU on March 22, 2007): Download page

"One With Everything" (all genres) (recorded live at KZSU on Jan 11, 2007): Download or Stream here

"Can You Hear Me?" (Techno) (recorded live at KZSU on August 23, 2005): Stream : Download page

"Here We Go" (Trance) (recorded live at KZSU on October 15th, 2004): Stream : Download page

Trance mix (recorded live at KZSU on June 29th, 2004): Stream : Backup Stream : Download page

House mix (recorded live at KZSU on June 19th, 2003): Stream : Download page

Trance mix (recorded live at KZSU on August 14th, 2003): Download

(It's suggested that you utilize the Pyramide Data MP3 Splice output pluging for WinAmp for gapless playback of any of these mixes.)


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